BERLIN-CHEMIE in Uzbekistan

BERLIN-CHEMIE is a German pharmaceutical company, part of the MENARINI Group, headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in more than 30 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Central Asia.

BERLIN-CHEMIE representative office in Uzbekistan was opened in 1996. BERLIN-CHEMIE, together with the leading centres in the country, was one of the first to work on the application of modern treatment standards in doctors' practices. In addition, BERLIN-CHEMIE assists the Ministry of Health in organising scientific conferences and seminars for doctors. The company strictly adheres to ethical norms when providing information on medicines to specialists and patients.

All BERLIN-CHEMIE products are manufactured in full compliance with strict GMP requirements.

The company produces wide assortment of prescription and over-the-counter drugs used by doctors of different specialities.

We wish you good health and work for it!

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